Sta. Maria de Capellades

Capellades, 1953

Looking back 52 years of my photo negatives I’ve found these images of a very large fresco mural that I made during the two months of that summer, l953.

I cannot remember much of that event. I stayed lodged in the parish rectory, with a good and interesting group of priests. Every morning I had to carry all the way up scaffolds to the apse of the church many kilograms of sand and lime, plus buckets of water, to prepare the section of the wall that I was going to paint during the day. That was followed by the task of plastering the wall with two coats of mortars. Thinking about it now I wonder how I managed to keep energies for the work ahead; transferring the drawings to the wall and completing the paintings in four to five hours. The paintings look very stiff; rigid. . The figures follow the curvature of the wall, which makes them too long, or thin, or short, no matter from what angle you look at them. Maybe I wanted to emphasize the curvature of the wall. . .