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Garcia-Alvarez is obviously intrigued by obtusely-angled long lines of colour hovering in space, and what happens when they cross over,

a piece of wood crossing colour....

Noranta: An exhibition by Alberto Garcia-Alvarez

"Catalunya": Exhibition by Alberto Garcia-Alvarez at Tim Melville Gallery, 2017

"An immersion in culturally significant periods is a distinguishing factor in the admirable practice of Alberto Garcia-Alvarez...."

Alberto García-Álavarez (Barcelona, 1928) shared ideology and activity with Joan Lleó, Domènec Fita, Romà Vallès and Francesc Carulla as a

Article elaborat pel Departament de Publicitat i Comunicacions de la Fundació Vila Casas, 2017 / Article prepared by the Publicity

A review by John Hurrell, 14 October 2016, of Four Large Paintings; an exhibition by Alberto Garcia-Alvarez held at Tim

Eva Radich interviews Alberto Garcia-Alvarez on the occasion of his exhibition at City Gallery Wellington; Upbeat - Radio NZ, at

Alberto Garcia-Alvarez, Crossings, City Gallery Wellington, 2015

2014-October 11: N.Z. Herald, ‘Tim Melville Gallery’  by T.J. McNamara. 

2012-October: “Contact. Artists from Aotearoa/New Zealand”: Group exhibition at Frankfurter Kunstverein curated by Leonhard Emmerling and Aaron Kreisler;   15.10.2012 – 25.11.2012

2009-August 9: School  of Art and Design, AUT, NZ. St Paul Gallery ‘Panel Discussion after A. G-A. exhibition. Questions by Dr. Leonhard Emmerling. 

1991-July 3:   Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland, ‘Alberto’s Review – abstract  conversation’ by Richard Thompson. 

1991-July: Art NZ, magazine, exhibitions. by John Daly Peoples. 

1991-March 28: N.Z. Herald, ‘Works on a grand scale’ T.J. McNamara. 

1990-November 15: N.Z.  Herald, ‘ abstract painter Alberto Garcia-Alvarez, by Richard Dale. 

1990-July 26: N.Z. Herald, ‘Large Paintings’ on Gow, Langford new gallery, by Richard Dale. 

1990-July: NZ Home, magazine, ‘..we must allow things to happen’ –studio-(Malcolm Walker). 

1987-June 8: N.Z. Herald, G-A achieves a perfect balance’ by T.J. McNamara. 

1987-autumn: Art New Zealand 42, ‘Content/Context, by Michael Dunn . 

1986-March-17: N.Z. Herald, ‘Garcia-Alvarez Shows Colour Sensitivity’ by T.J. McNamara. 

1985- :Art  New Zealand, magazine 35, ‘Alberto Garcia-Alvarez, Illusionism & Abstraction’ by Andrew Bogle. 

1984-March-12: N.Z. Herald, ‘Artist’s Testament on Broad Canvas’  by T.J. McNamara. 

1984-January to March: Auckland City Art Gallery ‘Artist in Focus’ . 

1981-July-20: Otago Daily Times, Art, ‘Paintings 1981’  by Peter Leech. 

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1977-October-6: N.Z. Herald. ‘New work’ by T.J. McNamara. 

1973-September-24: N.Z.W.W. ‘Being married to an artist is just so stimulating’;  by Jean Stewart. 

1973-September-20: Craccum Auckland University.  ‘Yum – Yums’  Parbhu Makan. 

1973-July-8: N.Z. Herald, ‘Prefers work on a big scale’  by Michael Dunn. 

1973-July-7: Auckland Star, ‘Beyond geometry’  by Hamish Keith. 

1973-June-9: N.Z. Herald, ‘Fine Show of Sharp Vivid Abstracts’  by T.J. McNamara. 

1971-June: Artforum, magazine, San Francisco reviews by Jerome Tarshis. 

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1971-March to April: Oakland Tribune, ‘Color and Scale’. by Miriam Duncan Cross. 

1971-March 11: San Francisco Chronical, ‘Color and Scale’ by Alfred Frankenstein 

1970-July 21: San Francisco Chronical, ‘Three Established Masters’ by Thomas Albright. 

1970-June 25: The Monitor, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Daly City. ‘Abstract mosaics’ by Fr. John W. Mullen. 

1964-May-1: Art and Architecture, Holly Redeemer Monastery Chapel, Dedication, frescos by A. G-A. 

1961-March 20: Monterey Peninsula Herald, ‘Three Sparkling Art Shows at Galleries in Carmel’ by Irene Alexander. 

1961-March 19: Monterey County Democrat, Salinas. Alberto Garcia’s Works Displayed’ by Mona Williams. 

1961-January 29: San Francisco Examiner, review by Alexander Fried. 

1961-January-22: San Francisco Sunday Chronicle, This World. ‘And  other current art shows’. 

1961-January 22: Radio Broadcast ‘KAFE’ San Francisco Museum of Art: ‘The Collages of Alberto Garcia-Alvarez, by George D. Culler, Director. 

“The Collages of Alberto Garcia Alvarez”: San Francisco Museum of Art; January 17 – February 19, 1961

1961-January 20: Sociedad Española de Radio Difusión, Emisora E.A.J. ÁGORA, Radio Barcelona.  ‘Brújula de las artes’  by José M. Garrut. 

1958-February: La Vanguardia, ‘A. Garcia A. en Selecciones Jaimes’, by Fernando Gutierrez. 

1957: ‘Mensaje de Arte Sacro’, by Mn, Francesc Camprubi. 

1954 – : Edición Tobella, ´Parroqui Ntra. Sra de Belén, by Mn. Fco. Camprobi. 

1949-December: ´Siluetas´revista, Arte, by Pérez Dolz

1949-November 3: Noticiero, ‘Decoración en Horta’ 

1949 – : La Vanguardia, ‘Grupo Flamma’.