San Joaquin, Madera

Mosaics at San Joaquin, Madera, California, by Alberto Garcia-Alvarez. This project, of two years in duration, consisted of large mosaics in the apse behind and above the altar of the church, as well as a Via Crucis which progressed above head height around the nave. Three books can each be selected at right:

The first book, “Over view of project…” describes the history of the works. The second book, “Poems by Michelle Chignell-Vuletic” presents two poems relating to these Stations of the Cross. The third book, “Via Crucis…” provides a photo tour of each station in turn.

Mosaics of San Joaquin, Madera

Overview of project: The artist’s recollections; by Alberto Garcia-Alvarez

Poems: Stations in a Circle; by Michelle Chignell-Vuletic

Poems by Michelle Chignell-Vuletic

San Joaquin Madera Stations

Via Crucis: Photo tour of the mosaics of the Stations of the Cross