Four Large Paintings: Tim Melville Gallery 27 Sep – 22 Oct 2016

” Made with thin, low sheen binder and powdered pigments, vigorously applied with various brooms and house-painting brushes, and largely constructed flat on the floor, these whopper Ab Ex works lure you into looking through loose tangles of dark tonally-matched chroma (of similar tertiary hues). You have to stand close to appreciate the richness of Garcia-Alvarez’s nuanced colour juxtapositions, and his expansive sense of bodily involvement within the direction of each large brushmark; their feathery, sprawling, filamenty, hairy traces.”
Review by John Hurrell, 14 October 2016

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4 Large Paintings
4 Large Paintings: An exhibition by Alberto Garcia-Alvarez, at Tim Melville Gallery, 27 Sep-22 Oct 2016.