Lines in Real and Optical Space

Garcia-Alvarez is obviously intrigued by obtusely-angled long lines of colour hovering in space, and what happens when they cross over, pass under, break and change vector-angle, or join up. It’s an interest he had before leaving California for New Zealand in late 1972. The reproduced drawings (one with holes cut into the paper) accompanying an informative essay by ex-dealer Petar Vuletic show that.


“An immersion in culturally significant periods is a distinguishing factor in the admirable practice of Alberto Garcia-Alvarez….”

“Visiones y desconciertos”: Espais Volart, Barcelona – Fundació Vila Casas; 6 April – 28 May 2017

Alberto García-Álavarez (Barcelona, 1928) shared ideology and activity with Joan Lleó, Domènec Fita, Romà Vallès and Francesc Carulla as a member of the Flamma group (1948-1953). His work was fully developed in Auckland, New Zealand, where he was a professor at the University of Fine Arts for 20 years and a mentor to a generation of students who followed him in a life dedicated to the teaching and practice of art. “Visiones y desconciertos” (“Visions and bewilderments”) deciphers his international career to reveal an unusual spirit of experimentation and a geometric constant that keeps him true to his origins.

Alberto Garcia-Alvarez: Visions i desconcerts

Article elaborat pel Departament de Publicitat i Comunicacions de la Fundació Vila Casas, 2017 / Article prepared by the Publicity and Communications Department of the Fundació Vila Casas, 2017.

Radio NZ Interview, 2 April, 2015

Eva Radich interviews Alberto Garcia-Alvarez on the occasion of his exhibition at City Gallery Wellington; Upbeat – Radio NZ, at 12:15 pm on 2 April 2015.