Crossings: City Gallery, Wellington; 14 March–14 June 2015

Crossings is an ongoing series of painted wooden constructions that Garcia-Alvarez began making in Sausalito, California, in 1967. Over the years, Garcia-Alvarez has produced more than a hundred of these constructions. Although some seem casually arranged and painted, they are always finely tuned. At first, these constructions were purely formal, with no intended symbolism. But later, the artist would occasionally admit religious and political associations. He explains: ‘The title Crossings refers to the intersection points of objects, or to ideas crossing each other. It also refers to the act of crossing; the crossing over an obstacle or a prejudice.’

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Alberto Garcia-Alvarez, Crossings, City Gallery Wellington, 2015
Alberto Garcia-Alvarez, Crossings, City Gallery Wellington, 2015