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Garcia-Alvarez is obviously intrigued by obtusely-angled long lines of colour hovering in space, and what happens when they cross over,

a piece of wood crossing colour....

Noranta: An exhibition by Alberto Garcia-Alvarez

"Catalunya": Exhibition by Alberto Garcia-Alvarez at Tim Melville Gallery, 2017

"An immersion in culturally significant periods is a distinguishing factor in the admirable practice of Alberto Garcia-Alvarez...."

Alberto García-Álavarez (Barcelona, 1928) shared ideology and activity with Joan Lleó, Domènec Fita, Romà Vallès and Francesc Carulla as a

Article elaborat pel Departament de Publicitat i Comunicacions de la Fundació Vila Casas, 2017 / Article prepared by the Publicity

A review by John Hurrell, 14 October 2016, of Four Large Paintings; an exhibition by Alberto Garcia-Alvarez held at Tim

Eva Radich interviews Alberto Garcia-Alvarez on the occasion of his exhibition at City Gallery Wellington; Upbeat - Radio NZ, at

Alberto Garcia-Alvarez, Crossings, City Gallery Wellington, 2015